To Have “My Dice” is only way to win unplanned pregnancies (Smart Automatic Menstrual Tracking Device)

Smart Automatic Menstrual Tracking Device helps girls and women for counting they period days, in the ways of reminding and showing them that if, they can get pregnancy or not.

Smart Automatic Menstrual Tracking Device

This project is called “My Dice”. The difference on this device is simple and easier to use for everyone on her capability. It works on a simple principle of a cycle beads known as (Urunigi).

It has thirty two (32) lights indicators which represents days of menstrual cycle, like the days remain to go in bleeding period. And it has another three (3) of different colors that indicates the current, first one is Green, If the device shows green to a user means there is a lot of chance of getting pregnancy. The second one is Yellow color, if the yellow light turns on means the user warned that it is the start of ovulation. The last one is Red color, this red light tells the user that bleeding periods is going to start coming.

Iradukunda Providence is the one who started this project “My Dice” she’s a student in IPRC Kigali, she said in making this device she depends on girls and women whom always have the changeable timetable of their menstruations period and that becomes problem to know if they are in their safe days or not.

Iradukunda Providence The Owner And Founder Of My Dice (Smart Automatic Menstrual Tracking Device)

She said”. At my first time I was having the idea of helping the girls through making easier the way how they count their safe days, and the one day I saw one of my friend who get out of the class because of being surprised by her periods and from then I put much effort on my idea of how I can help without talking to them and teaching them, so at the final it leads me to this device. And it works well as I was expecting.

It Has Where You Put Thumbnail On To See Details

This works automatically to eliminate errors of manual cycle tracking and the use of lights makes it be understandable for all users and let them informed sexual decisions.

This project is multi award winner and and it will be published before the ending of this year 2023 to go out for world wide market.

Video shows the competitions and award my device has won

By: Bertrand Munyazikwiye


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