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They offer air freight, logistics & supply chain consulting, ocean freight, trucking, and more and were established in 1912. Their services include air freight, freight uss express delivery career review forwarding, logistics & supply chain consulting, trucking, and more. The agency is in Greenwich, Connecticut; Buchanan, Michigan and Statesville, North Carolina.

Based in Jersey City, N.J., their small team of 5 services clients in different industries including chemicals, food, and machinery. XPO Logistics – Formerly known as Con-Way Freight, XPO Logistics has been in the trucking businesses since nearly a century. The company was founded as Consolidated Truck Lines in 1929 serving small businesses. Based in Portland, OR, the company today operates in more than 21 countries in five continents.

New Businesses

It maintains a fleet of about 690 aircraft and more than 50,000 motor vehicles and trailers. To complement the express delivery business, FedEx Ground provides small-package ground delivery in North America, and less-than-truckload carrier FedEx Freight hauls larger shipments. FedEx Office stores offer a variety of document-related and other business services and serve as retail hubs for other FedEx units. Above we have outlined and provided company summaries for the top logistics companies in the United States, as well as the top air and sea freight companies on Thomasnet. Ukay Delivery is a logistics company founded in 1994 with over 10 employees.

largest logistics companies in the us

Major companies earn billions in revenues from their logistics operation. In this article, we will take a look at the ten largest truck companies operating in the US, and also how they contribute to the economy. This signals the potential of the technology to revolutionize the logistics industry as a whole, including how we haul freight. As a business owner, it may be a cost-effective solution for you to seek the expertise of a dedicated logistics firm to manage your supply chain problems, increasing the efficiency of your business. This company can leverage its experiences and connections to ensure that your finished goods or raw materials travel from your plant or subcontractor to the end user.

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They’ve improved data transfers and used data from AWS to improve inventory forecasting. DB Schenker leads the warehousing and transportation efforts of a meat production company. They consolidate products in their warehouse and produce purchase orders before distributing the items to supermarkets.

  • API Logistics North America prides itself on being an innovator since establishing itself back in 1980.
  • “As we move past COVID-19 particularly, the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain may be reconfigured to meet demands made by U.S. shippers,” Morrow Roberson adds.
  • As shippers increasingly turn to – or are forced to – the spot market for truck capacity, automation will identify opportunities to lower costs, according to C.H.
  • “In addition, those 3PLs with a strong pharma/healthcare emphasis such as UPS and DHL also will see cold chain services grow,” says Morrow Roberson.
  • The large team provides insurance services & brokers, logistics & supply chain consulting, and ocean freight.

We find the right transportation provider to move that freight, bringing the customer and carrier together and creating the perfect solution for the pickup and delivery of almost any product imaginable. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on truckload transportation, and every year more and more turn to third-party logistics providers like us to handle their needs.


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