SEAL begins a new production line of Euro-pallets in Rwamagana District

The biggest provider of dry wood in East Africa, Sawmill East Africa LTD, has launched a new production line of Euro-pallets, from now on providing their clients with a broader spectrum of timber products. Only a month after the line’s establishment, the company is already happily supplying its first new customers.

“Our company’s main priority is investing in innovation and quality production. This new line should not only expand the assortment of the products we offer, but also increase the level of export, this way contributing to the general growth of Rwanda’s economy”,– says the company’s CEO Agnis Magelinskas.

According to SEAL’s director, the current modernization of the company is being realized in several stages. The production improvements that have been implemented during the first stage already now allow the company to produce up to 10K Euro-pallets per month. The second stage to be carried out in the next few months should increase the current production capacity three times more, producing up to 30K units of the new product per month. A new, automatic production line will also be implemented at this stage. This automatisation should not only speed up the production processes themselves, but also help to avoid the human error, ensuring a consistent, unified and highest possible quality. The last stage of the modernization is planned to be completed by the end of this year, reaching a production scope of around 50K monthly produced Euro-pallets, at the same time creating 100 new job positions for the local community.

Euro-pallets is not a novelty in Rwanda; however, the product offered by SEAL already today stands out from what was being sold in the country up until now. The quality parameters of SEAL’s Euro-pallets outmatch all the existing competitors in the market, while abundant investments in a modern timber proofing system and the biggest in East Africa wood drying equipment owned by the company permits to offer its clients the highest quality standards-matching Euro-pallets.

“After having analyzed the qualities of local Rwandan timber, we decided only to use pine trees for the production of our Euro-pallets. Pine wood is usually defined by lightness and robustness, which ensures that pine-produced Euro-pallets are also light and resistant. This is not the case with, for instance, Euro-pallets made of eucalyptus, as this wood isalmost 2 times denser than that of pine trees. What is more, when drying, eucalyptus tends to crack, swirl and push out or break the nails used in the pallets. As well, Eucalyptus pallets very heavy because of wood density so it is increases cost of transportation. And in order to continue using the same low-quality pallet, this eventually leads to necessary additional investments and repair work. Our whole team is fully devoted to providing our clients with the best-quality products only, ensuring that even after using them for a long time, nobody has to deal with any additional costs“,– affirms Magelinskas.

However, the durability of SEAL’s Euro-pallets it is not only ensured by the choice of the wood. Their double or even triple life span is first of all due to a proper way of drying the timber. The biggest and most modern in East Africa kiln drying machine allows the company to avoid the need of drying the wood in sunlight. Sun-dried tinder dries unevenly, while excessive amounts of heat and light can damage the tree’s structure. Another factor that guarantees these Euro-pallets’ resilience is their treatment with natural termite-free and fungus-free chemicals. Not only are these chemicals environmentally friendly, but they also ensure great longevity and endurance of the wood.

Transportation of pallets

According to the company’s CEO, all the aforementioned consciously made choices allow SEAL’s Euro-pallets to be used by transport companies and manufacturers who have to deal with humidity issues or keep their pallets outside, placed on damp soil. Pallets made with properly dried and correctly treated timber are not affected neither by dampness, nor by termites or other wood-eating parasites. In addition, large-quantity production and the optimisation of production processes by the use of modern technology assure customer-friendly prices.

Along with this new product, the company is offering its clients another novelty. With very high service quality standards, SEAL tries to cherish and take care of each of its customers with great devotion. In order to prove that, the company commits to exchange any pallet of improper quality into a new one right away.

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