Rwamagana: Njyanama Outreach In Campaign Of Promoting The Idea Of Citizens In Their Development

The leadership of Rwamagana district in the partnership with the committee members of Rwamagana district, They have started the program called “Njyanama Outreach” the goasl of this program is to check the part of a citizens in the way of development and activities has been done for them. “Tujyanemo , Tugumanemo”

This program has started on 18th and it will end on 20th may, The committee of Rwamagana district will reach in every sector of Rwamagana district for the purpose of checking what they have achieved  in 2022-2023, and receiving and avoiding the problems of the villagers.

Journalists Asking Questions

In the press conference where journalists, mayor of Rwamagana district, vice mayor of social workers and president of committee  and committee members discussed on the what is not going on well in the Rwamagana district and the complains from the citizens.

The president of committee in Rwamagana district Dr Rangira Rambert in his speech with journalists he said”. To go out for outreach is the decision we have made to make sure that the one who voted us has even right to speak to the one he has voted not only to meet in the campaigns of voting and this campaign will continue as much as possible

Dr Rangira Rambert The president of committee in Rwamagana district

He said”. It’s our responsibilities to go on field and have a conversation with the citizens because we here for them, if it is not them means we cannot be here also. So we have to know where they have reached in the way of development and in their part into the activities we helped each other in order to keep them on the top.

In the problem that has been challenging the district of Rwamagana vice mayor of social workers Umutoni Jeanne described how the problem of youth whom get pregnant when they are still under age.

Umutoni Jeanne vice mayor of social workers

She said”. It is true here we have many girls whom get pregnant unexpectedly but we had did our best like last year in july we have counted them and they were 240 but now the numbers has reduced at good level but no good at all couse we want to end it up to zero, so in those girls 70 of them has started their case and investigation is going well. She continued saying that they do campaigns for trying to stop this problem as their can.

As mayor of Rwamagana district Mbonyumuvunyi Radgab says that in the achievements they were had, at least they have complished 93.8%, in the leadership is 92.1% in social working 94.5% and total in all achievements is 95.4%.

Mbonyumuvunyi Radgab Mayor of Rwamagana District

He continued saying that”. The problem of children who are not going to school that they are still in campaign called ‘back to school’ and street boy who known as marines that they are solving even this problem. And said”. Things which are cousing this children to come on the street, the problem comes from their family and we are solving it as soon as possible it will be done. And other one is because we have boundary with Kigali city so some of the migrator come without knowing them and start causing problem couse you know we belonged in what we call ‘satellite city’ so we will keep to do our best to see that we will keep our district on top.

Committee Members And Chief of Police

Inyeramihigo za Rwamagana

By: Bertrand Munyazikwiye


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