American Logistics Ca Employee Reviews

american logistics company reviews

I urge you PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! We are filing other charges with our attorney and with the FBI. I have several pics to will be astonished!!

To be honest, I think it’s because the account team doesn’t know how to properly figure out what the change is, and they just expect the teams to figure it out. Oh and the new phone system is supposed to help us get with the times, but has set us back so much. We generate average normalized moving cost based on information submitted by people who have reviewed USA Logistics Moving.

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Entry level positions have strict time policies, but this is needed to support the high number of calls. This employer has claimed their Company Profile and is engaged uss express reviews in the Glassdoor community. Get a free quote and moving consultation. This could mean that USA Logistics Moving is cheaper with about 4% from the market average.

american logistics company reviews

If you put in the effort and hold out long enough, you will be rewarded. The company has great benefits and continues to be a growing company which makes promotions available often. If you want a flexible uss express reviews schedule so you can go to school or have another job, ALC works well with accommodating your schedule. Just make sure you manager knows your skills and where you eventually might want to be.

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Indeed’s survey asked over 80 current and former employees whether they could work remotely at American Logistics Company. A good place to work and learn, very friendly people all around . Good if you’re able to sit in one spot for a long period and are good with communications through the phone . Search top-rated Yelp Pros movers and get easy estimates in a few clicks.

  • Mike vesey quoted a price of 797, agreed that was the full amount..i paid a down payment of 225.
  • Thank you for making our jobs that much easier.
  • After describing all large items and items that will fit in a box over the phone they provided a reasonable quote and we had full service packing included.
  • So to be honest, I actually like the job and company itself.
  • Seems to me like they will bend over backwards to get you to move where they want you to move, within the company, but then you’re stuck.
  • I wish the break rooms were better to provide a fun atmosphere for hanging out with them during the break time.

Manager moved from NJ to help but doesn’t spend much time in office. Everyone is extremely positive and upbeat. Complete opposite of previous company I worked for. Very young company and everyone works very hard.

Great American Logistics

So far my broken dish/vase/decor count is at 8. But the real gut punch is an antique heirloom dining table that was a prized possession is scratched and cracked in two places. You move and you expect to get some dings on furniture..the bookcases both broke in a vulnerable spot so I can forgive that. But this table is solid and the damage it has can only be attributed to complete disregard, inexperience, and neglect from a SCAM company. The next day the driver calls again to confirm “pickup.” Cue another round of explaining they are packing and another warning about going over the number of boxes. This is the worst service I ever received in my entire life. Initially told they could buy me a new tv and passed another 2 more weeks finally told they can’t reimburse.

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Here you will enjoy first-class service in an elegant atmosphere. We specialize in weddings, showers, communions, private events, large corporate functions, fundraisers, any event you could possibly imagine.


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